Last Chance: The Movie

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Producer: Invisible Man Filmwerks
Written and Directed by: Steve Lester
Screenplay by: Steve Lester
Starring Al Hayes, Michael Benjamin, Brian Williams, Keith Graves
Release Date: Fall 2016
newLastChancePosterLogline: Twenty-five years ago, a popular, local rap group missed their chance to make it big. Now their music resurfaces in this new internet age; and they learn from their grandkids that they are “hot” again… their 15 minutes has finally started…and the clock is ticking.

    1990 was the golden age of hip hop. And, one up and coming group from the Midwest was getting it all. They pushed the envelope of music and became one of the most popular groups in the city. But on the biggest night of their career, with a major recording contract in hand, the members of the group get into a fight with each other onstage, in the midst of their performance. They destroyed the club, their group and their big break.
    25 years later, everyone is leading different lives, and have not really spoken to each other since that night. One of them discovers that some of their old music is getting very popular on the internet. He reluctantly calls the rest of the group and they decide to get a group of young guys to portray them in a big coming out concert and briefly capitalize on this new found popularity of their music.  When their younger counterparts don’t have what it takes to be convincing on stage, they take over the show and reveal the true identity of the music creators. What they thought would be ridicule for them attempting to break into the rap game at close to 50 years old, finds them actually being well-received by the young audience. Surprising even to them, they shape up and find that they can still compete with the “new swag”. Soon afterwards, tours, award shows, talk shows and fame take them on a ride they never thought they would get to live out. 

    Of course, their meteoric 15 minutes does not come without a cost, as old demons rear their ugly heads and folds the group…again.

But at least this time, the end was not the end…